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  • Gangvocals, not the most difficult, fairly significant, but most of all..... FUN AS HELL!! The recording-phase is… ,
  • Some snippets from accordeon and vocal recording! Jawharp was recorded too, but the director's cut decided otherwis… ,
  • We had a productive few hours this morning! Toon "the Tone-King" Konings recorded his accordeon parts, Rudy "poinke… ,
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Welcome y’all, to our updated website.
We got ourselves an new singer, and with that new singer we recorded a new EP, and on that EP he sings-shouts-squeals his guts out, and if he’s a screamer… well you just know he’ll get you arrested! Our New EP “BEECH” is now available and our Album “How ’bout a 92″ is also still available.

If you’re not convinced enough that you are secretly a redneck cowpunker than check out our sounds, videos and reviews and order a EP, album or shirt today!! Remember kids, purchasing our records and merchandise  makes you penis grow bigger!

Jerome “Beast” Strous, Bass Hogg and the Renton Brothers salute you!


Leen and Bertus Kickin’ass at our ScumBash gig!!


The Old Thunderer (Official video)



Review BEECH by

Tekst: Roy Engelen. Sinds het uitbrengen van hun eerste CD “How ‘bout a 92” in 2013 heeft de Limburgse band CUDA flink aan de weg getimmerd om hun aanstekelijke in-your-face…

Review BEECH by

Album recensie: CUDA – Beech Huzza! CUDA is terug en dat is heel fijn nieuws! De band die bekend staat om hun enorm energieke cowpunk sound heeft wel een redelijk…

BEECH review by

Tekst door: Sharik “MCSharQ” Derksen. CUDA is Back! En zo zou de SharQ Bite al kunnen eindigen want meer dan dat valt er echt niet aan toe te voegen. De…

EP review BEECH by

Tekst: Niena Bocken CUDA, een explosief experiment in de redneck razernij. Limburg’s enige echte cowpunkband CUDA brengt deze maand een nieuwe EP uit: ‘BEECH’ Het is het vervolg op hun full-length ‘How…

Benzedrine Dragsterboy

Benzedrine Dragsterboy He swallows down his bennies, clenched fists on the steering wheel. He’s never felt this ready, his third eye, FIXED ON THE TARMAC Born to ride, never lived…

Review Guts & Glory, Poppodium Volt 20-05-2016

20-05-2016 ZEF Magazine, door Niena Bocken …De opkomst vandaag vind ik wat teleurstellend: in het begin van de avond was er nog de verwachting dat het later wat drukker zou…


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